Your Security, is our Whole World. Your Safety Starts with Us.

Your safety and the safety of your family isn’t merely an alarm system or an electric fence. The well-being of the people you love extends beyond the four walls of your home and begins with building a safer Durban community. At Blue, your security isn’t reduced to alarm signals and radio static dispatchesyour safety is more than just someone’s day job – your protection is our purpose for being. 

Backed by the largest crime fighting fleet in Durban and a state-of-the art control centre, equipped to skilfully handle anything, Blue is turning the tide in Durban’s fight against crime. Voted Durban’s #1 security company acknowledged for doing the most to fight crime, we invest in communities, building strong networks and implementing cutting edge security technology that not only furthers our client’s safety but empowers them to live a smarter, safer lifestyle.

To protect your family with 24/7 alarm monitoring and armed response, fill out the form below or contact us on 031 717 5000 to speak to a security consultant from your area.