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Yellowwood Park Home Owner Defends Against Brick-Wielding Robbers

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Blue Security Press Releases

Durban residents are cautioned to upgrade security in and around their homes as the nature of home invasions escalate in vindictiveness and intent.
“A home invasion in Yellowwood Park this week illustrates to what lengths criminals will go in order to grab the valuables inside a home,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.
“The homeowner had heard thudding noises from the balcony at around 5am and then heard his external beams being activated. He proceeded with caution to investigate and saw two shadows on the balcony outside,” Mathios said. “As he activated his Blue Security panic app the sliding-door glass shattered. The resident had just entered the living room in time to see the intruders shoulder-charging the door. When this proved unsuccessful they threw a brick which totally shattered the glass on impact,” he said.
“A confrontation then ensued between the resident and the two intruders as they entered the house. One suspect grabbed the TV and set off out the door while the second intruder was involved in a wrestling match with the elderly homeowner,” he said. “The resident was successful in stabbing one suspect before the two intruders fled off the balcony and across the road into a wooden bushy area,” he said.
“A Blue Security reaction officer arrived at the scene as the resident was wrestling with the intruder and hesitated in firing shots as the homeowner was also in range. The suspect fled the scene,” he said. “This incident highlights the fact that housebreaking criminals are not showing caution or stealth when breaking and entering, and will use whatever they can to gain access, be it brute force or using implements for the task. They are relentless and show no fear,” he said.
“A search after the incident revealed that the suspects entered the property by cutting the electric fencing at the rear of the property. They then placed a branch in front of the sensor in an effort to prevent it activating when in fact this triggered the beams,” he said. “They then proceeded to the sliding door and began shoulder-charging the window in an attempt to enter the home,” he said. The only item taken was a flatscreen TV. Investigations are continuing.

Blue Security - Yellowwood Park Home Owner Defends Against Brick-Wielding Robbers - 20200722 Glenwood ArrestA housebreaking suspect in Glenwood on the Berea didn’t have it so lucky on Monday afternoon when he injured himself while attempting to flee and was subsequently arrested.
“A Blue Security reaction officer had been despatched in response to an alarm activation and on arrival heard cries coming from within the house,” Mathios said. “Backup was requested and additional units, including the Tactical Team members arrived. The suspect took off on seeing the arrival of the Blue Security response units and began jumping from property to property. A neighbour was assaulted during his attempt to evade arrest,” Mathios said.
“The suspect was eventually cornered a few streets away and immediately apprehended,” he said. “A laptop was recovered in his possession which was positively identified by the clients whose property had been invaded.
Members of Umbilo SAPS attended the scene. The suspect was handed over with injuries to his leg that he had sustained whilst fence-hopping between properties,” he said.

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