8 March 2019

Women thieves pose as bank staff to gain entry to Durban North home

Employing a new modus operandi a gang of women thieves posing as bank staff made off with a Durban North resident’s laptop earlier today.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said a gang of four women and one man arrived at the residential property in a white VW Jetta at around 10 am. “The suspects told the domestic worker that they were bank staff and had come to see the property, which they assumed was for sale. The domestic worker opened the driveway gates and the suspects then drove their vehicle onto the premises,” Mathios said.

“When they entered the property they asked to use the bathroom and the domestic worker then went outside and left them alone in the house. One of the suspects went into the bedroom and allegedly stole a laptop before the gang left the premises. No injuries were reported,” he said.

Mathios said it was only when the resident returned home later and could not find her laptop that the domestic work informed her about the suspects, posing as bank staff, who had arrived earlier. Residents need to regularly remind domestic workers and garden staff not to allow anyone onto the property without prior instruction and authorisation.

“Home owners need to warn their domestic staff about this incident and to remind them not to allow any people posing as bank staff, contractors, or municipal meter readers onto the premises. Even if a plumber or electrician is scheduled to arrive to complete work at home, make sure that your domestic worker knows the person’s name so they can correctly identify the contractor and contact you when they arrive,” he said.

Mathios advised residents to also make sure domestic staff are familiar with the panic buttons around the house and that they are equipped with a remote panic button that they can press in an emergency if they are working outside.

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