28 November 2019

Armed suspect killed in Westville business robbery shootout

Police shot and killed a robber in a shootout after a gang heavily armed with AK47’s allegedly targeted a pension payout at a Westville shopping centre this morning.

Blue Security’s Highway area tactical ambassador Russel Lawson said police responded swiftly to the scene where a gang of four to five heavily armed suspects allegedly targeted a pension payout point. The incident occurred at around 9am.

“Suspects had earlier arrived at the mall in a white Toyota Hilux double cab. The gang opened fire on police who responded to the scene and police returned fire. One suspect was shot dead during the shootout,” he said.

“The suspects fled in the direction of Roger Sishi Road toward Claremont and remain at large,” Lawson said. Police later recovered the vehicle, which was on fire where the suspects had abandoned it, in Claremont. We commend SAPS for their phenomenal work and efforts in containing the situation.

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