12 June 2019

Senior woman assaulted with vase during Waterfall home invasion

Two suspects assaulted a senior woman during a Waterfall home invasion yesterday afternoon.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the resident was sitting in the study reading and the domestic worker was busying working in the kitchen when they suddenly heard the sound of glass breaking. The incident occurred at around 1.45pm.

“Two unarmed suspects gained entry into the house and assaulted the elderly resident when she attempted to stand up. One of the suspects hit her on the forehead with a vase and she sustained minor cut injuries,” he said. “The suspects grabbed two laptops and cellphones and fled the scene. Upon investigation it was found that the suspects had forced open a pedestrian gate to gain entry onto the premises,” Mathios said.

ER24 Paramedics treated the victim at the scene of the crime.

A murder victim was found deceased by his gardener in the Waterfall area last week.

In a second home invasion yesterday afternoon armed robbers held up a resident and his son at their home in Westville and robbed them of their valuables.

The suspects allegedly arrived at the property in a silver grey Toyota Etios. The robbery took place at around 3pm. “A gang of three suspects, one of them armed with a firearm, jumped over a palisade fence and forced the resident and his teenage son to lie on the ground. The suspects grabbed a laptop, a Garmin watch and a cellphone from the property before fleeing the scene. Fortunately, no injuries were reported,” Mathios said.

Westville SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios advised residents to ensure that external intruder detection beams are switched on during the day for an early warning system. “If an intruder enters your premises your external beams will provide you with an additional layer of security. This will buy you time to be able to lock yourself and your family in a ‘safe room’ in the house where you can all your security company and the police for assistance,” he said.

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