31 October 2019

Startled robbers open fire as they flee Waterfall businessman robbery

Armed robbers fired a shot as they fled the scene of a Waterfall businessman robbery, in the early hours of this morning.

Blue Security tactical ambassador Russel Lawson said a businessman arrived at the premises after receiving a fail to test signal from his alarm system. The incident occurred at around 6.15am.

“When the businessman arrived at the premises to check his alarm system, he left the non-automated driveway gate open and proceeded to unlock the building,” Lawson said. “He noticed a silver VW Polo enter the driveway and three suspects armed with firearms jumped out of the vehicle and walked towards him. The suspects forced the victim to lie on the ground and they then searched him for valuables,” Lawson said.

“They robbed him of his cellphone, wallet, laptop and vehicle keys,” he said.  Lawson said that as the suspects were about to flee the scene, other business owners arrived to start work at the business complex. “The suspects fired a shot as they fled the scene of the crime. No injuries were reported,” Lawson said. Members of Hillcrest SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Lawson advised business owners to be wary of personally investigating any potential problems on their business premises outside of business hours and to rather contact their security company to investigate. “We urge business owners to be security conscious, especially as the festive season approaches, because criminal gangs will be looking to target businesses. Be especially alert when you arrive at your business premises and always make sure there are no suspicious vehicles near the property before opening up the gate,” he said. “Once inside make sure that the gate has closed properly behind you.”

Lawson suggested business owners also install anti-gate crashing kits which can be connected to the business alarm for an early warning system. “If anyone tampers with the gate the business alarm will be activated, proving an alert that intruders are attempting to gain entry into the property,” he said.

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