29 April 2020

Safety Tips: Don’t Leave Outer Buildings Vulnerable to Crime

One of Blue Security’s prime objectives is identifying crime trends and adapting our strategies, to ensure that we combat the prevalent crime we observe in an area. With our ARO’s ears to the ground and feet on the street, we have noticed that vulnerable outer buildings have been targeted as they are usually left unprotected.

What are outer buildings?

Outer buildings are any buildings other than the main residence on a property. These include, but are not limited to the following:

We are taking extra precautions to ensure that our clients are not left with vulnerable areas on their properties, by doing comprehensive property assessments. If you require a professional assessment of your property, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 031 717 5000. And, once the assessment is done, we will provide you with a security solution that suits your specific needs.

So, if your alarm system doesn’t already extend to the outer buildings on your property, here are four safety tips that you can implement daily to help protect you from future break-ins.

1. Don’t tempt fate.

You don’t ever want to create an easy opportunity for someone to break into your property. Ensure that all items that could be of value to a thief, are placed out of sight. Also, keep all curtains drawn when these buildings are vacant and store valuable items out of sight, to reduce the temptation to steal.

2. Let there be light.

Make sure that the entrances to outer buildings and houses are well lit. Often homeowners pay special attention to the main house and neglect lighting in and around the rest of the property. Dark spots create spaces that criminals can easily hide in, so have a look at your property at night to assess where you need to install more lighting.

3. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Don’t underestimate the value of the items that criminals will break into your property to steal. They are not necessarily looking for a safe or the latest phone or laptop. In recent incidents, copper pipes, garden tools, and car batteries have been some of the items of choice. Definitely not what WE consider most valuable, but leaving these buildings vulnerable creates opportunities for criminals.

4. Don’t ignore the obvious.

Locking up may seem like the most obvious solution to avoiding a break-in. However, there are often times where residents forget to close a window or lock the garage door. Not only does this leave properties exposed, but it also means that insurance companies will not pay insurance claims if they suspect negligence on the part of the client.

Even though it may seem like a schlep, make sure that all doors, gates, and windows are closed properly and locked. Also, make sure that all rusty locks, latches, and burglar guards are replaced to make sure that they are functioning as required.

Though these steps may seem simple, they could save you some trouble in the future, so give them a try. And, if you are still having some difficulty, give us a call and we will gladly assist where we can – your safety is essential to us!

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