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Voted Durban’s best security company for 9th consecutive year

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Blue Security Press Releases

Blue Security winning Diamond Arrows at 2017 PMR AwardsBlue Security remains in top place as the undisputed leader in the security sector in KwaZulu-Natal after clinching first place overall in the PMR awards for service excellence for the ninth year in a row.
Blue Security managing director Henk van Bemmelen said the company was delighted that clients had independently nominated the company for the awards. “Our clients have consistently voted for us as their preferred security provider and we are grateful for this and for the opportunity we have had to partner with them. Our strong presence of armed response vehicles on the ground and use of the latest security technology has given us the edge to fight crime smarter to keep communities safe. Our clients have shown their appreciation by nominating and voting for us,” he said.
Van Bemmelen said the company had harnessed smart security technology to fight crime with services such as its Blue Security Mobile app, Eye-in-the-Sky CCTV street surveillance cameras, smart home and business alarm systems and the employment of number plate recognition systems.
“We have heavily invested in research and development to realise the implementation of these top end technologies to improve the security for our residential and business customers,” van Bemmelen said. The company adopted an intelligent “proactive policing” strategy to fight crime. “We regularly analyse crime statistics and use technology to make sure our armed response presence on the ground is backed up by intelligence so that additional vehicles can be added to areas if we detect a spike in crime. We also invest in communities by sponsoring additional assistance and working closely with residents to secure neighbourhoods,” he said.
Van Bemmelen added that the award reflected the company’s professionalism and commitment to excellence in providing high technology security solutions and a swift and professional armed response service. “Our dedicated professionals respond swiftly in emergencies and care about our customers security needs, no matter how big or small, because our number one priority is to protect their families, homes, businesses and neighbourhoods. We would like to thank all our customers who have taken the time out to give back to us by nominating us for this prestigious award,” van Bemmelen said.
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