21 May 2019

Joint operation raids criminal hideout found in Umhlanga informal settlement

A joint operation involving members of the Durban North SAPS, Blue Security and the Umhlanga Improvement Precinct (UIP) led to the raid of a criminal hideout and the recovery of stolen goods in a newly discovered developing informal settlement in Umhlanga this morning.

Joint operation raids criminal hideout found in Umhlanga informal settlementBlue Security’s operations director Brian Jackson said armed response offers from the security company, including their Umhlanga ambassador Brendan Porter, together with members of the Durban Norths SAPS raided the until now well hidden informal settlement in Umhlanga’s Ridgeside area at around 8am this morning. A member of the UIP also joined the team at the scene.

“We received intelligence from informants this morning who told us that they could take us to the house where the criminals who are doing all the housebreakings in Umhlanga are living, and where the stolen goods were being kept,” Jackson said. “We partnered with the Durban North SAPS to investigate further and discovered at least four concealed shacks that had been constructed in the Ridgeside area along the M4 near the turn off to Gateway Shopping Centre,” he said.

Jackson said the police raided some of the shacks and found a myriad of stolen goods. “The amount of stolen goods that were recovered was unbelievable – there were printers, scanners, knives, clothing, an electric weeder, purses, handbags, at least ten to 15 pairs of shoes, a box full of foreign currency including dollars and pounds sterling. The goods were recovered and taken to the office of the UIP. No arrests have been made at this stage,” he said.

Jakcson said commended the officers for the success of the operation. “We commend the members of Durban North SAPS for their swift reaction in partnering with us to follow up this important lead as soon as it was received this morning and the UIP for assisting at the scene. We look forward to working further successes in future.”

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