7 August 2019

Response officers swoop on Umbilo business robbers, arresting 3 suspects

Blue Security armed response officers’ swift response to an Umbilo business robbery led to the arrest of three suspects in the early hours of this morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said an armed response officer responded to the business premises when the alarm activated at around 2.15am. “When the officer arrived at the premises he spotted around eight suspects fleeing the scene of the crime in different directions. He immediately called for back up and three officers responded to assist him at the scene. The officers gave chase and managed to arrest three of the suspects,” he said.

Mathios said the gang of armed robbers had cut the locks on the front door of the building to gain entry into the premises. “The suspects then held up an on site security guard at gunpoint and robbed him if his cellphone, backpack and shoes. They assaulted the security guard on his head with the butt of a firearm and tied him up. ER 24 paramedics attended the scene and transported the security guard to hospital for medical attention. Rolls of fabric, clothing and computers were reported stolen,” he said.

Members of the Umbilo and Greenwood Park SAPS attended the scene of the crime as well as the K9 Unit which swept the premises to check whether any more suspects were still hiding in the building. “No further suspects were found on the premises. The police are investigating the case,” Mathios said.

Mathios commended the swift team work by the armed response officers and the police which led to the arrests.
“We hope that this latest arrest continues to send the message to criminals that we are committed to fighting crime by working closely with the community and the police to ensure they face the retribution of the law for their actions,” he said.

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