12 September 2019

Toti Tactical force catches thief and recovers stolen property

Teamwork between armed response officers and Toti tactical force led to the arrest of a suspect and the recovery of stolen goods, yesterday morning.

Toti Tactical force catches thief and recovers propertyBlue Security’s tactical ambassador for Amanzimtoti, Eugene Engelbrecht said an armed response officer was alerted to the theft when he responded to a resident’s panic alarm activation. The incident occurred at around 9.15am.

“The resident advised our officer that a suspect had gained entry onto the premises and fled with a range of scrap metal goods. The officer immediately circulated the incident to officers in the area who were then on the lookout for the suspect,” he said.

“While Triple M was patrolling the neighbourhood he happened to spot the suspect who was in possession of the stolen goods. He approached the suspect and placed him under arrest. The suspect was the handed over to the Amanzimtoti police for processing and further investigation,” he said. A case of theft was opened.

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