14 August 2019

Full force manhunt leads to arrest of Assagay housebreaker

Our Highway tactical team assisted in the arrest of an Assagay housebreaker in one of two arrests made this morning, due to the swift response and strong teamwork by the police and Blue Security armed response officers.

Blue Security tactical community ambassador for the Highway area, Russel Lawson, said an Assagay resident disturbed a housebreaker who had gained entry into her home at around 10.45am this morning. “The resident was at home when she was ambushed by the suspect, who forced his way into the house when she opened the door. He grabbed the television but the resident started to scream and he then dropped the television and turned and fled the scene on foot. The resident went outside and chased the suspect to the back garden and pushed a panic button, alerting our armed response officers to the scene of the crime,” Lawson said.

“Our armed response officers, Highway tactical team, members of a local neighbourhood watch group and the SAPS K9 unit launched a manhunt for the suspect who was spotted running into a property in Assagay Road. The team gave chase and a member of the dog unit managed to arrest the suspect,” he said. The suspect was taken to the Hillcrest police station for processing.

Lawson commended the officers and the police for their quick response to the scene of the crime. “We are committed to working closely with the police and the community to fight crime in the Highway area, and we hope that this latest arrest sends a strong message to criminals that their activities will not be tolerated in our neighbourhood,” he said.

In a separate incident in Phoenix, a Blue Security armed response officer arrested a housebreaker after a member of the public had spotted him breaking into a property.

The member of the public flagged down an armed response officer who was patrolling the neighbourhood. The officer investigated and spotted the suspect jumping over a wall and into the front yard of a property where he managed to arrest him. The suspect was handed over to a member of the Phoenix SAPS who attended the scene of the crime.

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