25 June 2018

Swift arrest after housebreaking pair spotted on Eye-in-the-Sky cameras

A pair of housebreakers who thought no one was watching as they snuck into a property in Morningside under the cover of darkness were caught on a CCTV surveillance camera, which led to the swift arrest of one of the suspects this weekend.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said vigilant control centre staff who were monitoring live footage from a Blue “Eye in the Sky” CCTV surveillance camera spotted the two suspects entering a property in Eleventh Avenue at around 22.10pm on Friday.

“A team of armed response officers immediately responded to the scene where they saw one of the suspects fleeing the property, carrying goods in his hands. One of the officers gave chase but the suspect managed to evade arrest,” Mathios said.

“The second suspect was not so lucky because our control centre staff spotted him on the CCTV surveillance camera again, as he fled along Eleventh Avenue. An armed response officer immediately swooped on the suspect who casually placed the stolen weed eater that he had been carrying against a wall and started walking away,” Mathios said.

“The officer alighted from his vehicle and ordered the suspect to lie down on the ground. He attempted to resist arrest and sustained a small cut to his head. He was taken to Addington hospital for treatment and the weed eater was handed over to the Berea SAPS.”

Suspect arrested in Overport.

Suspect arrested in Overport.

Mathios said an armed response officer had also arrested a suspect in Overport after he was seen with an accomplice, pushing bus batteries over the fence of a property in Brickfield Road. The incident occurred at around 2.40am on Sunday morning.

“The officer approached the suspects to investigate and they advised him that they were simply collecting cardboard. He arrested one of the suspects and the other fled the scene. The officer recovered two bus batteries and two bakkie batteries which had been removed from the property,” Mathios said.

Mayville SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

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