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Secure your property the smart way with the convenient comfort of technology.

Enhance your security by connecting your alarm system with your smart phone.

Integration between your alarm system, security devices, home solutions and smart phone allow for a streamlined lifestyle with fewer hassles.

Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely from any location, open or close your driveway gate or garage door with the tap of a button, and even save energy by controlling your lights or geyser directly from the Blue Alarm mobile app. Additionally, keep your finger on the pulse of your home security by receiving video footage automatically recorded by CCTV cameras when one of your security devices are triggered.


How it works

Do all of this from the user friendly, easy to navigate Blue Alarm app. Watch this video for a comprehensive explanation on how the Smart Home concept works and can add value to your every day activities.


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We’ve all received that call from our security company while standing around a braai that our alarm is going off.

Now your options aren’t limited to either rushing off to punch in your deactivation code or angering your neighbours. If it was a confirmed false alarm, simply silence the siren by disarming your alarm system with the swipe of a button, no matter how far away from home you are.




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Access and Automation

Scheduling a busy family day becomes a little easier.

Whether an unplanned, early beach morning takes you out of the house, or you get stuck in an afternoon meeting or hair appointment, easily open the driveway gate or garage doors for domestic staff or kids returning from school, from wherever you are.




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There’s nothing like the fear that grips your heart when your security company’s caller ID pops up on your phone when you’re not at home. When your alarm has gone off there is a desperate need for peace of mind, and you want it now!

As one of your security devices are triggered, the corresponding CCTV cameras will automatically start recording 30 seconds of activity and send it directly to your phone.




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The economy is challenging and no one has a cent to waste, so why not start by saving on your electricity bill? Take full advantage of the benefits technology can offer you with the ability of remotely controlling your home’s lighting and geyser.

Or if the idea of coming home to a dark house makes you nervous, remotely switch the lights on before you even enter the property.




Home automation implementation is affordable and scalable, and any existing alarm system can be upgraded to meet the functional requirements.


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