Secure your business the smart way.



Save time, cut costs and watch your business work smarter and safer with our connected smart security technology that keeps your finger on the pulse to manage security and operations with precision from anywhere in the world.

Be in command at the touch of a button on your mobile phone with our smart solution that lets you activate and deactivate your alarm, manage opening and locking of premises and control access to departments.

Connect lights, air-conditioning units, refrigeration systems, geysers and machinery to the smart alarm system for comprehensive climate control to save time, cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Receive a real time stream of photographs and video footage on your phone taken at the point of a security breach and use a two way camera to monitor production and communicate with staff on the premises.

Smart Base


  • Notifications of events
  • Live status of the system
  • Arm and disarm alarm and partitions
  • Bypass zones
  • View event history of the system
  • Manage through mobile app

Smart Access


  • Remotely open/close driveway gate
  • Remotely open/close warehouse and garage doors
  • Manage through mobile app

Smart Vision


  • Image verification
  • Live view cameras
  • Two-way communication cameras with built-in intercom
  • Access cameras from mobile app


Remote arming and disarming

Security technology has switched what was traditionally a grudge purchase into a smart business move that improves the bottom line with its seamless management of security systems.

Reduce business costs by having a smart business alarm system set up with the Blue Alarm App that conveniently puts control of your business premises’ security in your hands.

The added value of a smart alarm system is that you can now arm and disarm the system at the touch of a button on your mobile phone, eliminating the inconvenient and time wasting exercise of physically travelling to the premises to investigate a security breach.

Specific zones or partitions can be armed or disarmed individually on the premises using a single alarm system, allowing departments to arm the system in a specific zone, while leaving certain offices or partitions disarmed to allow access to night staff or cleaners.

Multiple users can be added to the smart system and full audit reports highlighting individual users’ routines and actions on the system provide transparency.

Security Devices

Connect your business’s perimeter electric fence, outdoor beams and CCTV cameras to the smart alarm system and receive real time notifications via the app on your mobile phone if security has been breached.

The app will show you exactly where the security breach or false alarm occurred on the premises – in the back of the property or at the electric fence - enabling you to remotely switch off any faulty infrared detectors or beams at the flick of a button on your phone, while leaving the rest of the alarm system armed to secure the premises.



Whether you are abroad on a business trip or sitting in the boardroom before a meeting visually monitor activities on your business premises by logging into the alarm system on your mobile phone to view a live stream of video footage.

Remotely monitor the factory floor, warehouses, offices, stockrooms, gates and staff production via footage from the alarm system’s CCTV cameras, and use two-way cameras to allow managers to communicate and instruct staff face to face via a video call from anywhere in the world.

Live video footage can be sent directly to your mobile phone the moment there is any security breach on the premises.

Video & Image Verification

Video and image verification enables business owners and first responders like our armed response officers and emergency personnel such as paramedics and firefighters to swiftly and adequately respond to an emergency.

Multiple on-site CCTV surveillance cameras integrated with the alarm system's infrared detectors and outdoor beams automatically stream a set of photographs or video footage directly to your mobile phone and to our control centre at the moment of a security breach.

Instant visual footage directly from the premises alerts our state-of-the-art control centre to the type of emergency on the ground, such as a large armed gang on site, enabling our professional team to immediately assess the threat level. Additional armed response vehicles and other emergency services like ambulances, police and firefighters can then be swiftly dispatched to the scene.


Secure your business with seamless smart automation of the building’s gates, machinery, doors and lights, allowing access to staff and delivery vehicles at scheduled times or instantly at the stroke of a key on your mobile phone.

Disarm the delivery yard and warehouse to allow goods to be offloaded after hours and watch the progress via CCTV camera and then remotely arm the system and lock the gate.

Smart connectivity allows you to schedule times to switch on machinery, equipment, air-conditioning units and lights and to schedule times to shut down. Switch on machinery, such as a bakery oven, to optimise performance when staff arrive on the production line.

Integrate freezer and refrigeration equipment with the alarm system to receive temperature fluctuation alerts directly on your smart phone for quick action to prevent stock losses.

Enhance security by integrating your lights with your alarm system’s beams and detectors so that the property is automatically flooded with light when the alarm is triggered.


Go green and reduce your business’s carbon footprint and energy costs.
Save hugely on the high overhead costs of energy consumption by integrating your smart alarm system with your building’s electricity and air-conditioning systems.

Set the building’s lights to switch on and off at scheduled times and ensure that outdoor zone lights are automatically switched off during the day and back on at nightfall. Flooding your outdoor areas with sufficient lighting at night provides additional security as it removes hiding places for intruders, reducing the risk of crime.

Air-conditioning units can be integrated into the smart alarm system for scheduled control to switch on and off daily, reducing the risk and wasted energy costs of being accidentally left on in unused offices or factory zones overnight.

With the escalating cost of energy as a major overhead it’s smart to get your business connected to reduce consumption for a return on investment that will result in savings in the medium to long term.


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