13 July 2017

Shots fired as father-in-law fights off armed robber

Several shots were fired when a resident arrived home to find that a gang of five armed men had held up his daughter-in-law and grandchildren in their Rodger Sishi Road home this morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the mother had arrived home and parked her vehicle. Just as she opened the back door of the house, five men walked in behind her and held her and her small children up at knife point. The incident occurred at 9.40am.

“The suspects demanded ‘Indian jewellery’ and valuables and then proceeded to ransack the house and loaded jewellery, computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones into the resident’s vehicle. They were busy loading the goods into the vehicle when the woman’s father-in-law and one of his employees arrived home,” Mathios said.

“One of the suspects who was keeping a lookout in the garden accosted the resident, a scuffle broke out, and the resident pulled out his firearm and fired a few shots into the ground,” he said.

“The rest of the gang heard the shots and fled the scene, carrying valuables they had grabbed from the house. They jumped over the fence into neighbouring properties but the resident’s employee managed to arrest one of the suspects as he attempted to clamber over the fence. No injuries were reported,” he said.

Westville SAPS and a crisis care team attended the scene of the crime.

In a separate incident yesterday, a Sherwood family survived a harrowing home invasion unharmed when they were held up by a gang of five armed men.

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