2 July 2019

Several arrests made in the Wentworth and Glenwood areas

Swift teamwork between Blue Security armed response officers and the police led to several arrests this past weekend.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said Blue Security officers and the police arrested two suspects in Wentworth after they allegedly attempted to vandalise equipment at a business premises on Saturday night. The incident occurred at around 10.50pm when three suspects, a woman and two men, entered the premises.

“Our officers responded to the business premises where two suspects had allegedly behaved violently towards staff members, and allegedly ‘pushed’ a computer monitor onto a counter without causing any apparent damages,” Mathios said.

Swift Teamwork led to several arrests in the Wentworth and Glenwood areas

Arrest made in Glenwood.

“The suspects fled the premises in a Toyota Avanza, and one of our officers who was patrolling the area provided back up and pulled them over on the corner of Quality Street and Austerville Drive,” he said. Brighton Beach SAPS attended the scene and apprehended the three suspects.

Mathios added that an armed response officer arrested a suspect on Sunday at around around 10.50am after he was found hiding in an outside toilet building on a premises in Glenwood.

“The officer responded to the scene after receiving a report that a trespasser was on the premises. He checked the property and found the suspect hiding in the outside toilet building at the back of the premises. He arrested the suspect,” Mathios said.

Umbilo SAPS attended the scene of the crime and took the suspect into custody for processing.








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