9 September 2019

Sharp-eyed response officers apprehend seven suspects at the weekend

Vigilant Blue Security armed response officers apprehended seven suspects and recovered stolen goods ranging from a racing bike to drills, cash and running shoes at the weekend.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the latest arrest occurred in Glenmore at around 1.50am after an officer searched the area for an alleged housebreaker. “Our officer responded to the scene where a suspect had broken into a resident’s garage and fled with valuables including a racing bike valued at R3500, an iPad, a drill, a jigsaw, an internet router, a car radio, running shoes and four two way radios,” Mathios said. “Our officer patrolled the area in search of the suspect and eventually tracked him down and arrested him in Sydney Road. He was handed over to the Umbilo SAPS.”

Mathios said four arrests were made by Blue Security and security guards from another firm in the Highway area yesterday. “One of our armed response officers responded to a residential property in Winston Park at around 7.30am where two trespassers had been spotted on the premises but had since fled. He obtained a description of the suspects and patrolled the area in search of them,” he said. “Our officer and a back-up officer found the suspects walking along the M13. When the suspects saw the officers they fled into the bush along the road and our officers gave chase and arrested both suspects. They were handed over to the Hillcrest SAPS,” he said.

Sharp-eyed response officers apprehend seven suspects at the weekendA third suspect was arrested by security guards after he was spotted fleeing a business premises in Pinetown. “Security officers from a neighbouring business reported that they had seen the suspect carrying a petty cash box and exiting the premises. They apprehended the suspect and our officer responded to assist at the scene where the suspect was handed over to the Pinetown SAPS,” Mathios said. He said an officer also arrested a suspect who was found in possession of a knife after he accosted an elderly resident at a local shop in Kloof. The suspect was handed over to the Kloof SAPS.

Reaction officers also apprehended housebreaking suspects in Isipingo and on the Bluff on Saturday. “A suspect was spotted jumping out of the back of a property in Isipingo with metal rods he had stolen from the premises. Our officer responded to the scene, apprehended the suspect and recovered the rods. The business owner decided not to press charges and the suspect was released,” Mathios said. Mathios said a drill, a grinder and other tools were recovered when a suspect was arrested on the Bluff after breaking into a garage.

“Our client spotted the suspect breaking into the garage and pressed his panic button. Our officer swiftly responded to the scene and the suspect dropped the stolen goods as he tried to make a run for it but our officer arrested him and handed him over to members of Brighton Beach police,” he said.

Swift team work by Blue Security armed response officers and neighbourhood watch members also led to the arrest of an alleged housebreaker in Gillitts Park on Friday afternoon. Mathios said a resident had spotted the suspect crawling past the window of her home in a local residential complex. “The resident quickly pressed her panic alarm and our officer responded to the scene and patrolled the immediate area in search of the suspect. He eventually tracked down the suspect in an open field in the neighbourhood and arrested him,” he said.

“Members of the local neighbourhood watch and another security firm assisted with the arrest. A watch, a gaming console and a pair of shoes were recovered,” he said. He said the suspect had allegedly earlier broken into an apartment in the complex and stolen the items. The suspect was handed over to the police.

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