Service Stations Warned of Fuel Bilkers in the Greater Durban Area

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Blue Security Press Releases

Service-station owners in greater Durban are urged to train their attendants to be extra vigilant to avoid fuel-bilking incidents from occurring.
This follows a recent incident in Bellair, south of Durban, where a motorist drove away from the petrol station without paying for his fuel.
“Blue Security responded to a panic activation from the service station in Sarnia Road after it was reported that a motorist had driven off without paying for the fuel he had ordered,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.
Service stations are encouraged to train their staff to be extra vigilant in order to prevent such instances from occurring.
“Other steps which can be taken include installing good lighting and well-placed CCTV cameras at strategic vantage points,” Mathios said.
“Petrol attendants should also record registration numbers of all vehicles entering the forecourt. Be aware of motorists behaving suspiciously such as hiding their faces from attendants and/or pumps,” he said.
Mathios said it was important for staff to have a clear view of all areas of the forecourt.
“Consider working with your security firm to install CCTV technology, which runs Automatic Number Plate Recognition so that you will be able to not only detect stolen or suspicious vehicles but also track potential thieves if they do manage to flee with stolen petrol. These cameras can be installed in the street near the entrance to your business. A neighbouring business may also be willing to share the costs of installing these cameras as they can raise the safety level of the entire street,” he said.
Additional measures business owners can take is to erect signage warning that non-payers will be prosecuted.
“Always also have a panic-button system installed and remote panic buttons that staff can easily access on the forecourt,” he said.