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Vigilant armed response officers recover stolen goods in Upper Highway

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Blue Security Press Releases

Blue Security armed response officers recovered several stolen goods, including a flat screen television, after being tipped of by a neighbour in the Upper Highway area recently.
Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said an armed response officer who was patrolling Rainbow Drive in Crestholme at around 7.30am this morning noticed a suspect pushing a wheelbarrow along the road. “Our officer stopped to speak to the suspect but he immediately turned and fled the scene, leaving behind the wheelbarrow which was laden with apparently stolen goods,” Mathios said.
The wheelbarrow contained groceries, a car battery, sunglasses, a torch, a bag and alcohol.
“Crestwatch neighbourhood patrol members also attended the scene and one of the residents identified the wheelbarrow as his property. The rest of the goods were handed over to the Hillcrest SAPS at the police station,” Mathios said.
Mathios said a resident in Milbank Road in Assagay pressed his panic alarm when he spotted a suspect outside carrying a plasma screen television at around 3.20am on Saturday morning. “Our officer responded swiftly to the scene and recovered the television, which the suspect had left lying next to a fence when he fled the premises. A handbag which had been stolen from the same property was also later recovered in the area. Unfortunately, the suspect managed to get away,” Mathios said.
Mathios said it was later established that the suspect had probably broken into the property through a window and then exited through the front door when he found the keys were easily accessible.
Hillcrest SAPS attended the scene of the crime.
Mathios commended the officers for their swift response to the crime scenes which had resulted in the recovery of the stolen goods. “We are committed to fighting crime in our neighbourhoods and to sending the strong message to criminals that their activities will not be tolerated on our watch.”

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