6 September 2018

Response officers arrest three housebreakers over past 24 hours

Blue Security armed response officers arrested three housebreakers across three Durban suburbs over the past 24 hours.

Suspect arrested in Westville North.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said two officers responded to a panic alarm activation at a house in Kirkmichael Road at around 8.10am where the suspect had broken into a cottage on the property and stolen a cellphone.

“The resident gave one of the officer’s a description of the suspect who had been seen on the premises before fleeing in the direction of the M19. He shared the information with a responding back up officer, who spotted someone fitting the description running across the M19,” Mathios said. “The officer gave chase and arrested the suspect in Scone Place in Westville North. The stolen cellphone was recovered.”

Westville SAPS was alerted to the crime scene.

Mathios said an armed response officer had also arrested a suspect in Jacobs earlier this morning.

“The suspect forced open the garage door of a property in Chamberlain Road and fled with a security gate from the garage. The officers responded to a panic alarm from the property and gave chase. One of the officer’s managed to arrest the suspect in Hutchinson Road and recovered the gate. He arrested the suspect and handed him and the recovered stolen goods over to the Bellair SAPS at the scene,” Mathios said.

Suspect arrested in Jacobs.

Suspect arrested in Jacobs.

In a third incident an armed response officer responded to the scene of a housebreaking after a suspect forced open a garage door and stole a brush cutter and two bags from a house in Stella Road in Memorial Park yesterday. The incident occurred at around 11.35am.

“The resident gave the armed response officer a description of the suspect, and while he was patrolling the area he saw the suspect walking on Lenny Naidu Road opposite Fairvale Primary School. He arrested the suspect and handed him over to the Bellair SAPS at the scene,” Mathios said.





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