11 April 2018

Armed response officer rescues beloved dog from drowning

Armed response officer rescues beloved dog from drowning

Athlone Park resident Ashlen Rupnarain giving a thank you package to reaction officer Bongumusa Ngubane.

An Amanzimtoti couple are full of praise for a “Blue Angel” who literally saved the life of their furry “child” when she was home alone and accidentally jumped into the swimming pool.

Ashlen Rupnarain said the couple would have been none the wiser to the incident, except that their eight month old Labrador, Penny, was limping when when he got home from a meeting on the day of the near drowning. “We checked the CCTV camera recordings and saw that she had been chasing a monkey when she jumped into the swimming pool. She was in the pool for 27 minutes and she would have drowned,” Rupnarain said, if it had not been for an armed response officer who arrived on the scene and rescued her just in time.

Armed response officer Bongumusa Ngubane said he responded to the property after an outdoor beam had activated in the front garden. He was inspecting the back yard when he noticed the exhausted dog struggling in the water. “I looked at the swimming pool and saw that the dog was battling to come of the water. I took a stick and used it to pull the dog out of the water,” he said.

Ngubane said he also attempted to shake some of the water off the exhausted dog before she walked away. “It is not part of our training but if I didn’t help the dog would be dead because it was really battling inside the water,” he said.

Rupnarain said Penny and his Boerboel, Rocco, were the couple’s “children” and the fact that the officer had arrived on the scene in the nick of time to rescue her had been an “act of God”. He said he planned to reward the officer for rescuing the dog whose “limp” had proved to be just a sign of her sheer exhaustion from struggling to get out of the water.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson commended the officer for his compassion and quick thinking during the rescue. “Our officers are dedicated to taking care of our residents’ properties and to making sure their homes are smarter, safer places for the whole family, including our furry family members who also work hard to protect the rest of the family, and sometimes may need a helping hand themselves,” Jackson said.

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