21 May 2018

Bulletproof reaction officer foils Westmead business armed robbery

A Blue Security armed response officer was lucky to survive a hail of bullets following a shoot out with a gang of seven robbers during a Westmead business armed robbery yesterday morning.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson said the officer had responded swiftly to an alarm activation at the business premises where he disturbed a gang of around seven suspects, before they were able to steal any goods of value. The incident occurred in Alexander Road at around 6.10am. “As the officer arrived at the premises, one of the suspects who was standing outside the business keeping guard, walked towards his vehicle and started shooting at him. The armed response officer sped up and drove past the scene of the crime, made a u-turn and took cover as the suspect continued to fire shots at him. He then returned fire on the suspect,” Jackson said.

“The suspects had reversed their vehicle into the driveway of a business premises and the suspect on foot shouted that the armed response officer was at the scene, before jumping into the vehicle,” Jackson said. “The suspects fled the scene in a silver/grey Mercedes without taking anything except for an empty money box. The officer and suspects were not injured during the shooting.”

Jackson said the suspects had earlier derailed the driveway gate of the property and forced open a security gate to gain entry.

Jackson commended the officer for his swift response and quick action at the scene of the crime. “Our officers are highly trained and dedicated to the fight against crime and to protecting our clients and their property. We are thankful that our officer was not injured during the shooting and that the business owner’s loss was limited due to our officer’s swift response and bravery that he displayed at the scene of the crime,” Jackson said.

Pinetown SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

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