4 December 2019

Mother and children evade robbers in Northdene home invasion

Blue Security has warned home owners and domestic workers to be vigilant following two Northdene home invasions reported on Tuesday.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said that in the latest incident a resident managed to run and hide with her children in the bathroom when suspects invaded their home. The incident occurred at around 2.30pm.

“Two suspects managed to force open the burglar bars and a door to gain entry into the house. When the resident realised that the suspects were on the premises she fled with the children to hide in the bathroom. It was unclear whether the suspects were armed,” he said. “The suspects proceeded through the home and ransacked all the rooms before fleeing with a flatscreen television and handbags containing bank cards. No injuries were reported,” he said. Malvern SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

In the second incident a domestic worker was surprised by armed robbers who arrived at the property and hooted outside the driveway gate. The incident occurred at around 11.40am.

“The domestic worker went outside when she heard a car hooting, to find a white vehicle parked outside the driveway gate. Three suspects suddenly jumped out of the vehicle and ordered her not to move. They then derailed the driveway gate to gain entry onto the property and one of the suspects held her up at gunpoint outside the house, while the other suspects went inside. The suspects fled the scene in their getaway vehicle. No injuries were reported,” Mathios said. Mathios said it was unclear what was stolen during the home invasion. Mayville SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios advised home owners to be vigilant and to remind domestic staff not to approach any unexpected visitors who arrive at the premises during the day. “It’s important to regularly brief your domestic staff regarding your home security measures and to ensure they know where the panic buttons are in your home. Remind them not to let anyone onto the premises unless you have made a prior arrangement with them regarding contractors you expect to arrive. Provide your domestic staff with the name and contact number of the contractor so that they can all first to make sure that they are letting the right people onto the property,” he said.

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