16 January 2017

6 Security resolutions to kickstart the new year safely

If you’ve spring cleaned your home and garden this holiday you’ve no doubt noticed the nips, tucks and improvements that your home security system may be in need of to optimally secure your family and rack up your home security a notch or two.

Blue Security technical director Clive Samuels offers the following six New Year’s spring cleaning resolutions with a focus on tightening up your home security to help your family kickstart the year safely.

1. Test the system – If you haven’t already inspected and tested your home alarm system and picked up faults during your recent spring cleaning, take a few minutes to run a test to make sure the system is working optimally. But be sure to inform your security company before you run the test so that an armed response vehicle is not dispatched unnecessarily.

2. Patrol the perimeter – Carefully inspect your perimeter fencing and gates for rust and general wear and tear and fix any damaged sections.

3. Do some DIY – Inspect all burglar bars and security gates to ensure they have not succumbed to rust and that they are still securely fitted to windows and doors.

4. Investigate weak points – Check out your property with a criminal mindset and consider which areas of your home may have weak points that could potentially be easy access points for intruders. Decide which security technologies, such as CCTV surveillance cameras, additional outdoor beams or strip beams on windows could best be used to provide an early warning system.

5. Remember to look up – Remember to ensure your home has sufficient passive infrared detectors installed in the roof for an early warning system in case intruders try to remove roof tiles to break in.

6. Stay safe on the move – If you haven’t already downloaded the Blue Security Mobile App, make sure that you add this valuable feature to your family’s security system. Press the remote panic button on the app in any emergency situation and it will use your mobile phone’s GPS to pinpoint your location and alert our control centre. A range of services, from armed response in our area of operation, to ambulance and police services can be dispatched to attend to the emergency.

Which security resolutions have you commited to this new year?

If you have any concerns about your home alarm system or would like to engage with a security professional to assess your property for any potential vulnerable points and risks, contact us today on 031 717 5000.

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