Blue’s Mobile App: Assistance Anytime, Anywhere.

Help at hand for when life doesn’t go as planned.

Heart racing, palms sweating, you fumble for your phone, staring wide-eyed at a brightly lit screen but you don’t know what to do – call Blue. When time is of the essence and panic sets in, knowing whose number to dial can be a tough call to make. Blue’s Mobile App gives you one button – one solution to any kind of assistance, anytime, and anywhere.

Life rarely goes as planned and these days having help at hand is more of a necessity than a “nice-to-have”. As regulations lift and we’re allowed more mobility, make sure you’re never without back up from Blue.

One button to press no matter the stress: Crime, medical emergencies, roadside assistance, and even run-ins with venomous snakes, your panic app ensures that the closest possible services you need are dispatched to your current location.

Option 1: Try our services for free – no sign up required!

• Get 2 months free of our Mobile Panic App for 1 keyholder.
• After 2 months: Sign up at R40 pm for the first 2 keyholders.
• Add two users at an additional R15 pm.

Option 2: Get 2 months free – with a 12 month contract.

• Get 2 months free for 2 key holders when you sign a 12 month contract.
• After 2 months: Pay R40 pm for the first 2 keyholders.
• Add two users at an additional R15 pm.

How does it work?

• Press the panic button on the app.

• An alarm signal with your GPS coordinates is transmitted to our 24 hour control centre, enabling us to pinpoint your exact location.

• Our control centre makes contact with you to determine the nature of your emergency.

• A range of emergency services are then activated, from our own armed response officers in our operational areas, to ambulance services, the SAPS and the fire brigade.

For more information on all the features and how it works, visit our Mobile Panic App Page.

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