28 July 2020

Swift Response and Short Chase sees Malvern Fence-hopper Seized

A trespasser, fence-hopping from property to property in the Malvern area, was apprehended and arrested by Blue Security reaction officers on Monday afternoon.

“Two of our units responded immediately after the control centre received a panic activation of a suspect breaking into a home in the area,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.

“Upon our officers’ arrival, the resident reported that a suspect had broken into an outbuilding at the back of the property before jumping into the next-door neighbour’s yard,” he said. “A search began and the officers received additional reports of the suspect trespassing on other nearby properties while trying to evade arrest,” he said.

“After a short chase one of our reaction officers was successful in cornering and detaining the suspect. He was handed over to Malvern SAPS for processing,” he said. “Further photographic evidence also revealed that the suspect was identified as breaking into another home in the area,” he said.

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