3 July 2019

Response officer interrupts gang traumatising Kloof domestic worker

A Blue Security armed response officer interupted a gang of armed robbers who were traumatising a Kloof domestic worker, this afternoon.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said a gang of four suspects gained entry into the property at around noon. “Fortunately, a neighbour spotted the suspects running across the property and alerted our control centre to the scene. The suspects, one of them armed with a panga, accosted the gardener and domestic worker on the property and started pushing the domestic worker around. The gardener then tried to intervene to help her,” Mathios said.

“Our armed response officer arrived at the scene and jumped over the gate to get inside the property. He spotted one of the suspects in confrontation with the domestic worker and yelled,” Mathios said.  “The suspect then alerted the rest of the gang who were in the process of ransacking the house and loading valuables into a bag, and they turned and fled out of the house. They ran to their escape route – a hole that had been cut in the fence of the property – and fled the scene on foot,” he said.

“The suspects disappeared into nearby bushes. SAPS K9 unit members and neighbourhood watch patrollers arrived at the scene. Police were unable to trace the suspects but recovered the bag which had been loaded with stolen goods, including a laptop, that they had dropped as they fled,” Mathios said. No injuries were reported.

Mathios commended the alert neighbour for his vigilance and the armed officer, the police and the local neighbourhood watch teams for their swift response to the scene of the crime. “Fortunately, due to the strong team work that played out this afternoon, the stolen goods were recovered and no one was injured. We hope this sends a strong message to would be criminals that we will not tolerate crime on our watch,” he said.

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