29 May 2020

Kick Your Security Measures Up A Notch : Level 3 Precautions

We constantly hear and use the phrase “uncertain times” in conversations we have with people, since after the Coronavirus outbreak. And we have truly adapted to a completely different way of life. At Blue Security we have had to adapt to the changing landscape of crime. With every new regulation or allowance, we have had to formulate and implement new security measures as the modus operandi of criminals change accordingly.

Now that we are moving down a lockdown level, there will be new security challenges. The Blue Security operations team predicts an increase in housebreakings and robberies over the next few weeks. We are preparing for this wave and are facing the new challenges head-on.

However, this is a time where we need to work together to keep our loved ones and property safe! We want to emphasise the seriousness of the risks involved and urge clients to take extra precautions to stay safe. So, here are a few tips on what we need you to do, kick your security up a notch and make sure that you are not vulnerable to crime during level 3 lockdown.

1. Prime Time – Armed robbers target homes in broad daylight and also in the evening when families are at home. Other prime times for robberies are during the early hours of the morning when residents are still sleeping or as they are about to leave for work. When you are at home make sure your external beams and electric fence are armed so that you will be alerted if an intruder gains entry into your property, giving you enough time to press your panic button and to call for help.

2. While Exercising – When going out on the road, be aware that criminals anticipate that some residents are a little lax their security measures. Ensure that you have locked your house and armed your alarm and beams so that your home is not easily accessible – even if you are only going out for a short while. Also, try not to carry valuables on you, when out for a run, walk or ride to avoid muggings.

3. Places of Worship – Now that mosques, churches, temples, and other religious establishments are open, there are new risks. Religious leaders need to take precautions to ensure the safety of the people in attendance. This could include any of the following:

4. Sale of Alcohol – Be cautious when being in or near any liquor stores. Since no one is allowed to purchase alcohol up until Monday, and all stock has been replenished, there is a higher chance of these stores being robbed.

5. Test Your Alarm – As always we can’t emphasise enough to test your alarm system on a regular basis, to confirm every detector is in good working order. This ensures that we will receive your signal should there be a breach in your lines of defence.

6. Don’t Let Your Guard Down – With the loosening of a few regulations under level 3, South Africans are starting to feel a little more freedom than they did under level 4. However, this is not a time to loosen security measures. Stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings.

7. Reduce Opportunities –  Make sure to store all handbags, cellphones, laptops, and tablets out of sight where criminals won’t be able to “fish” them out of windows. Keep tools like spades, garden forks, pangas, ladders, and pool nets stored away in a locked shed or garage. These can be used as weapons and to pull items through windows.

8. Lock Up – Fresh air is great, but make sure that you keep all security gates locked while you are at home, at the very least. Opportunistic criminals look for open doors or windows as they are an obvious target. And, don’t forget to keep your car doors, outer building entrances, and front gates locked at all times.

So, follow these steps to the best of your ability and together we can make your space, safer.

Work with us in making sure that you don’t become a victim of crime and know, that Blue Security will always have your back.

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