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Keep your vehicle safe with these 6 tips

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Safety Tips | 0 comments

There has been a distinct increase in the number of incidents reported on the theft of vehicles, and theft out of vehicles, since the start of the new year. We urge clients to be extra vigilant and aware, as precaution is your best preventative measure. Here are six tips to help keep your vehicle safe.
1. Try not to park in remote or poorly lit areas. Stick to populated parking bays or as close to the entrance as possible.
2. If possible try not to park on the street, and be sure to remove any valuables since these are not safe in plain sight or even in the boot.
3. Always double check that your doors are locked when getting in and out of your vehicle. Remote jammers are always on the lookout for unsuspecting victims. Don’t rely on the signal alone to lock your car, rather testing the door handle to make sure.
4. Always keep an eye on your rear-view mirror to make sure there isn’t someone following you home, especially if you’ve just left the bank or shops. Trust your gut; if you are feeling nervous rather take a drive around the block and if you are still concerned, call the police and your security company to investigate.
5. Install anti smash and grab tinting film on your car windows. This film is an invisible barrier that slows access if someone attempts to break the window, holds broken glass in one place to prevent injury, creates more noise, and gives you more time to escape.
6. Fit your car with a tracker unit. In some cases vehicles are simply hijacked for a quick getaway and are often abandoned. Even though criminals sometimes manage to find and remove these units, it will still increase the chances of recovering your stolen vehicle.
If your car has been stolen, report it to the nearest police station. Also remember to notify them if your car was recovered.