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January 2024 Durban Crime Stats

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Blue Security Blog, News Feed

The start of 2024 in Durban brought with it not just the promise of a new year but also the continuation of our shared journey towards ensuring a safer community. January, with its unique blend of festive aftermath and new beginnings, presented distinct security challenges. At Blue Security, our dedication to understanding these challenges and responding proactively is unwavering. Here’s a closer look at the security landscape we navigated together in the first month of the year.

Key Statistics for January

Armed Robbery:

The month witnessed 22 incidents of armed robbery, accounting for 4.06% of all reports. These confrontations remind us of the persistent risks and the importance of our collective resilience.


With 125 incidents making up 23.06% of the total, the prevalence of burglaries underscores the ongoing need for robust home security measures and community alertness.

Common Theft:

Standing at 157 cases, common theft represented 28.97% of January’s incidents, highlighting the ever-present need for personal vigilance and property protection.


Trespassing incidents numbered 129, comprising 23.80% of the total, signaling a significant concern for unauthorized property access and the safety of our personal spaces.

Timing and Location Insights:

  • Daytime vs. Nighttime Incidents: A majority of incidents (55.72%) occurred during daylight hours, with a notable peak between 6 am and 12 pm, emphasizing the need for heightened daytime security awareness.
  • Operational Metrics: Our response teams were busier than ever, with 187,507 alarm signals received and 145,952 CCTV alerts, covering a patrol distance of 655,995 km across Durban.


Note: The statistics and information mentioned in this article are based on incidents reported to Blue Security in January 2024. The numbers offer an overview of the prevailing trends and patterns.


Blue Security - January 2024 Durban Crime Stats - crimemap.bluesecurity.co .za

Empowering the Community with the Blue Security Crime Map: The Blue Security Crime Map continues to serve as a crucial tool for Durban residents, offering insights into crime trends and fostering proactive safety measures.

Looking Forward: As we move deeper into 2024, our resolve to enhance the safety and security of the Durban community only strengthens. We encourage everyone to engage with the resources we provide, stay informed, and play an active role in our collective security efforts.

For an in-depth analysis of January’s security statistics and to explore the Blue Security Crime Map, visit our website at https://crimemap.bluesecurity.co.za



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