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Ruthless Home Invader Apprehended after Stabbing Hillcrest Home Owner

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Blue Security Press Releases

A suspect was successfully tracked down and apprehended for being wanted in connection with an armed robbery and stabbing in Hillcrest on Wednesday.

“The successful arrest followed on one of three violent crimes in the greater Durban area within 24 hours which included an elderly victim being hospitalized and a luxury vehicle stolen and recovered in another incident,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios. “The senior citizen in her late seventies sustained severe stab wounds to the face and chest after being attacked in her Hillcrest home by an intruder on Wednesday morning. The incident occurred when the domestic employee was confronted in the kitchen by a suspect. Another man was seen outside the house,” Mathios said.
“The intruder demanded to know the housekeeper’s employer’s whereabouts. When the elderly resident investigated the noise from the altercation she was viciously stabbed in the face and chest,” he said. “The victim was rushed to hospital and crisis counselling requested for the employee. It appears that the intruders gained access to the property by fishing the key out of the door via the open window,” Mathios said.
“Blue Security Highway Tactical Team and reaction officers responded immediately after receiving the information about the attack and began assisting Hillcrest SAPS in a search of the area for the suspect. The team began tracking the suspect with the aid of the Blue Security control centre, which led them to Oxford Village Mall where the suspect was spotted near a pawnbroking retailer. The suspect was arrested with the aid of another security company,” he said.
“His identity was confirmed and blood and other DNA evidence retrieved from the suspect’s clothing has linked him to the incident,” he said. “A lawnmower that had been taken during the incident was also recovered in his possession. The suspect was transported and detained at SAPS Hillcrest for armed robbery with aggravated circumstances,” Mathios said.
In another violent incident on Tuesday evening a gang of six armed men held up a family at gunpoint in Glenmore, south of Durban.
“A Blue Security reaction officer responded to a panic activation at 6.30pm. This followed the property invasion by the intruders who surprised the family sitting inside,” Mathios said. “Brandishing firearms the gang demanded cash and valuables, locking the family in one room and ransacking the house in the process,” he said. “Investigations show that the intruders gained entry by derailing the front gate and entering the open front door,” he said.
Blue Security - Ruthless Home Invader Apprehended after Stabbing Hillcrest Home Owner - 25062020 Glenmore mugger arrest
“Although the safe was empty the suspects got away with flatscreen TVs, an undisclosed amount of cash, jewellery, cellphones and a luxury vehicle. The car was fitted with a tracker system and was later recovered in Shepstone Road in Pinetown,” he said. “Fortunately no-one was injured in the incident. Umbilo SAPS attended the scene and investigations are continuing,” he said.
In a third incident which occurred on Wednesday morning, a female jogger was attacked at knifepoint while out for a run on Grosvenor Road, also in Glenmore.
“The suspect had attempted to pull the runner into nearby bushes while holding her up with a knife. He also robbed her of her cellphone. Her screams for help luckily attracted the attention of passersby who came to her rescue,” Mathios said. “Community members assisted the Blue Security reaction officer, who responded to the incident, in apprehending the suspect and taking him into custody,” he said. The suspect was arrested and handed over to members of Umbilo SAPS for further processing.

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