A Husky’s happy ‘tail’ – reunited with his family after a decade apart

When dog mom, Chantel Slabbert, answered a call from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA she expected a fundraising call but was pleasantly surprised by the words “We found your dog”. After a decade apart, Koda the Husky would be reunited with his family.

After only one year of welcoming Koda and his sister Sasha into their home, the Slabbert family was heartbroken to come home one evening in 2009 and find that their beloved dogs were mysteriously missing. Unsure as to whether they were stolen or had run away, the Slabbert family searched for weeks on end and were sure they would never see their pups again.

Typically weighing 22-23kg’s this Husky was found underweight at 18kgs, with thinned out hair. Although they may never know just how he survived, the Slabbert family is extremely grateful to the woman who brought Koda in and to the woman who sponsored the cleaning of his nails and fur.

A miracle made possible by microchipping technology, a quick process in which a small computer chip is implanted under the loose skin in between the pet’s shoulder blades. The serial number on the microchip is registered on a database and when a stray pet is brought to a vet or shelter, a scanner is used to determine if the animal is chipped. If it is, the microchip register is consulted and the code is used to find the owner’s contact details.

Unfortunately, without proper identification, 90% of all pets that go missing are never reunited with their owners. This was not the case for the unbelievably lucky Koda who’s reunion brought tears to his owner’s eyes. Hesitant at first, probably due to old age and poor sight, Koda began gleefully licking Chantel the moment he smelled her.

Having undergone tests to determine his mental and physical state, Koda is now settled back into his doggie bed, in his old home and the Slabbert family holds out hope for the same happy ending for his sister Sasha.


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