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Loadshedding and How it Affects your Alarm System and Armed Response Service.

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Technical | 0 comments

The bad news is loadshedding is a reality that all South Africans need to manage. The good news is that we have back-up battery solutions that help keep you safe when the lights go out.

With load shedding, the number of alarm activations increases significantly as false alarms are triggered because of the power fluctuations. This puts a strain on our Control Centre as our teams are mandated to acknowledge every signal and identify actual emergencies from false alarms.

False alarms during load shedding periods are more than just a nuisance to your neighbors, they are a strain on the resources that every Blue Security client calls on in an emergency. You can make a difference by contacting us and confirming your false alarm, allowing our teams to focus their efforts where it matters most.


How does load shedding affect my alarm system?

Every Blue Security alarm system includes a standard battery when first installed. This power supply is only intended to power your alarm system if the power goes out unexpectedly. When new, and dependent on your systems configuration, these batteries can last up to several hours.

Load shedding and power surges cause batteries and power systems to   out faster. This will impact your alarm systems’ functionality and reduce the length of time your security system stays active during periods with no power.

Additionally, continued exposure to power surges and power cuts increase the risk of technical issues for your alarm system. Over time, this can negatively affect your alarm programming and even how your sensors and door or window contacts’ work.


Is a Backup Power Supply Necessary?

For smaller alarm systems, with fewer than 8 external   the standard battery supplied will initially be sufficient, however, over time and with extended exposure to power cuts the lifespan will reduce significantly.

With larger, extended, alarm systems that exceed 8 external devices the power requirements will increase dependent on the type and quantity of devices that need powering. External devices include elements like sensors, beams, automated gates, and electric fencing.

During load shedding and planned power cuts we recommend you ensure security features such as electric fences, automated gates, and outdoor beams remain powered through additional battery backups. This way your internal and external alarm elements are powered, and you avoid any additional strain on the main operating panel of your alarm.

As a point of interest, the standard alarm panel is not necessarily designed to function in extended load  scenarios, and this will place an immense strain on the battery condition. The reason for this is that the battery is not able to fully recharge from one power outage period to another. Therefore, when we experience days with 2 or 3 different load shedding periods, this increases the risk of battery damage.

What are the Benefits of our Backup Battery Solutions?

Your battery, and backup battery systems, are the heart of your entire alarm system, without it none of your security features will function. Having a well-maintained alarm system means nothing if there is no power to keep it running. The battery and backup power solutions offered at Blue Security are designed with this in mind. Clients who install backup power for their alarms enjoy the following benefits:

    1. Backup power ensures their alarm and security systems continue to function correctly and in turn protect their family, their property, and their possessions long after the average power supply is depleted.
    2. By extending the standby time of their security system they have peace of mind knowing all their security features will remain operational until the lights come on.

Remember, keeping your lights on may not always be in your control but keeping your alarm system powered is.

With Blue’s Backup Battery Specials, you can extend the average standby time of your current alarms power supply. Investing in our backup battery solutions, which includes the power pack and battery  you will increase the standby time of a 16-zone system, including beams, by up to 6 hours!

To take advantage of this offer, or to enquire about the different options available, contact our technical sales department and speak with one of our trained professionals today.

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