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Hilldene Guarding Project

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Welcome to Hilldene

So you want to know the why’s, how’s, what’s, and who’s of the Hilldene Guarding Project? More importantly, you’re probably wanting to know the benefits of being a part of the project. Well, you’ve reached your information destination!

Whether you have been a part of this project since day one or you are a new member of the crew, this page will provide you with a rundown of the many benefits that project members have access to.

Why was the Hilldene Guarding Project initiated?

With no formalised security solutions being implemented in the area, criminal activity was increasing. Residents of Hilldene realised the need for a better solution to keep their community safe and secure.

Blue Security was approached in 2015 to take over the guarding project that had run into difficulties due to lack of financial support. With great effort and in partnership with the community, the guarding project was reinitiated with one of Blue’s guarding partners, Ubuquotho Security.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Hilldene Guarding Project?

  1. The footprint is patrolled 24/7 by a security guard on a bicycle, who acts as the “eyes and ears” for the community and monitors traffic entering and exiting the area.
  2. Bicycle guards have direct contact with the Blue control centre and are always available to residents telephonically.
  3. The footprint is frequently patrolled by Blue armed reaction vehicles and Ubuquotho management.
  4. The project is managed by Blue’s Special Projects team and a project committee made up of Hilldene residents, who are in contact with one another to monitor the success of the project.
  5. Each guarding project contributor is allowed two free Blue Mobile Panic Apps per household.
  6. The guard has access to a mobile panic system in the event he needs assistance from a Blue armed reaction officer.
  7. Eye in the Sky cameras are positioned at the intersections Hilldene/Shongweni Rd and Warrior/Shongweni Roads, accessible by both Blue and the Hilldene committee.
  8. In addition to this, we have one set of ANPR cameras specifically focused on suspicious motor vehicles.
  9. Residents have access to our Hilldene security Whatsapp group to receive emergency and security-related alerts, updates, and information.

The above initiatives mean that we are in the fortunate position of having lower crime levels than some of our surrounding areas. We need to keep it this way for the safety of our families and the value of our properties.

This project gives us a great combination of proactive and reactive security – strong deterrents to criminals. There is no doubt that all Hilldene residents can see the benefits of having this guarding project in place and are enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having trained guards taking care of their safety needs.

However, running a successful security project comes at a cost and, without adequate financial support from Hilldene residents, our security project cannot be sustained.

If each and every resident could make their contribution towards the safety of Hilldene the cost would, in turn, be reduced for all residents within the footprint – so, everyone wins!

Who are the main points of contact for the Hilldene Guarding Project?

Project Committee Champion
Allister Meaker – 082 861 8800

Blue Security Project Manager
Grant Larret – 083 309 2107

How do I join and support the Hilldene Guarding Project?

Please fill in the fields below and click “submit”. A Blue representative will be in contact with you to provide all the details. Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with either of the main points of contact listed above who will gladly assist.

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Blue is seriously great. They’re willing to go above and beyond. My dear mother is actually their client, but they were willing to patrol the broader area up to where I stay, just because I had a concern.

David Greenham

Very responsive. I have never had issues with them ever since I installed the alarm. Should my alarm go off and I do not answer the phones the armed response car is by the gate within minutes.

MC Silangwe
Thank you for your excellent service, from your emergency response team to your technical department and technical staff. Within a few hours of a late afternoon attempted illegal entry onto our property, Blue Security had their staff repair our damaged electrical fence after hours, ensuring our peace of mind for the evening. Greatly appreciated!

Taryn Trevor-Roberts

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