10 August 2019

New tactical crime fighting force hits Highway Area

New tactical crime fighting force hits Highway Area

Sbu Mchunu (Tactical Community Officer) and Russel Lawson (Tactical Community Ambassador)

Blue Security has launched a new tactical crime fighting force to ramp up the fight against crime and assist neighbourhood watch groups with proactive policing strategies in the Highway area.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson said the security firm had taken the decision to invest in additional resources in the the neighbourhood by introducing a new team of top security professionals to complement the firm’s strong armed response team on the ground.

“We have invested both in human resources and in technology to ramp up proactive policing in the neighbourhood after experiencing success with similar strategic operations in other parts of the city. We have introduced two new tactical team members who will patrol in vehicles fitted with high tech Automated Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR) to assist our armed response offers, local neighbourhood watch groups and the police with crime prevention strategies,” Jackson said.

ANPR cameras capture images of the number plates of vehicles driving through an area and automatically checks the SAPS database of stolen, hijacked and wanted vehicles. If the number plate matches that of a vehicle on the database, a high alert notification is circulated to police and security firm networks, enabling a swift response to the scene.

New tactical crime fighting force hits Highway Area“The tactical vehicles receive positive vehicle notifications directly from the camera linked database so that the officer can immediately track the suspicious vehicle and investigate together with the police,” he said. Jackson said the new team, which comprises Russel Lawson, tactical community ambassador and Sbu Mchunu, tactical community officer who recently started their strategic crime fighting operations in the area, has more than 25 years of combined experience in crime fighting. “Our tactical team will ramp up our existing crime prevention operations and also bridge the gap between neighbourhood watch groups, our armed response team and the police to further strengthen the existing crime fighting relationships in the community,” Jackson said.

Lawson, who has 12 years of experience in the security industry working both for another security firm and for a vehicle tracking company, said he was looking forward to working closely with the local neighbourhood watch groups and residents. Having grown up with a father who worked as a policeman and in the security industry Lawson said law enforcement was “in my blood” and he had jumped at the opportunity to join Blue Security. Lawson has also worked closely with the New Germany Neighbourhood Watch group over the years.

Lawson aims to build strong community and policing networks to build a stronger coordinated front to fight crime. “I want to strengthen relationships with both the community and the police while assisting neighbourhood watch groups and networks so that we can work together with one goal in mind – to eliminate as much crime as possible and to flush out criminals so that they find it too difficult to operate in the Highway area without being caught. I look forward to making a difference in the fight against crime,” he said.

New tactical crime fighting force hits Highway Area

Lawson’s partner, Mchunu, who has worked in the security industry for the past 15 years and has established relationships with police and community networks, is also passionate about crime fighting. He has gained experience working as an armed response officer and as a member on a tactical team for a top security firm where he was involved with strategic crime prevention operations.

Mchunu previously worked for Blue Security as an armed response officer and he is delighted to once again be part of the team. He described the firm as “the best security company I have ever worked for” saying he is dedicated to achieving its goals to reduce crime in the Highway area. “We are committed to working hard to protect the local community and to partnering closely with neighbourhood watch groups and the police to bring about a big positive change in the crime level here,” Mchunu said.



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