3 June 2019

Hour long manhunt leads to arrest of Gillitts housebreaker

Swift team work by Blue Security armed response officers and the police led to the arrest of a housebreaking suspect following a manhunt in the Everton area yesterday morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the suspect had gained entry into a home in Gillitts at around 8.30am. “The resident heard a shuffling sound coming from a back room and when he went to investigate, he found that there was a suspect inside his home. When the suspect saw him he turned and fled through an open window,” Mathios said.

“Our armed response officer, who was on his way to respond to the incident, spotted the suspect walking up Everton Road. Our dedicated vehicle which services the area also responded to the scene and the officers chased the suspect down Surrey Lane,” Mathios said. “The suspect then jumped into a property and started fence hopping in an attempt to evade arrest, but our officer gave chase. The SAPS Shongweni K9 Unit also responded to the scene and with the assistance of the police, the suspect was arrested after an hour long manhunt in the nearby valley.”

Police recovered a laptop, a cellphone and a wrist watch from the suspect who was taken to Kloof SAPS for processing.

Hillcrest Park Arrest

Suspect arrested in Hillcrest Park.

In a separate incident, a gardener was injured in a fight with a suspect who was arrested for attempting to steal plants from a property in Hillcrest Park. The incident occurred at around 7.45am. “The gardener had just arrived at work when he noticed a suspect digging in the rubbish bins outside and that plants from the complex entrance were missing. When he checked the plastic bags that the suspect had with him he found the uprooted, missing plants inside the bags,” Mathios said.

“An argument and a fight broke out and the suspect bit the gardener on his hands. Our officer responded to the scene and arrested the suspect. The gardener declined medical assistance and was treated on site by a resident,” he said.

The suspect was handed over to the Hillcrest SAPS.



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