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My best guess is that you are on this page to discover more about the how’s, why’s, whereabouts and who’s of the FHCW (Forest Hills 1st Hill Community Watch). More importantly, you probably want to explore the benefits of being a part of this Blue Zone. Rest assured, you have reached your information destination!

Have you been a part of the project since day one or are you a new member of the team? Either way, this page will provide you with a rundown of how and why the FHCW came into existence and inform you of the endless benefits that project members have access to.

Why was the FHCW initiated?

The Forest Hills Community Watch was born out of a need to reduce crime in the area, as most neighbourhood projects are. Residents of the 1st hill had two objectives when forming the FHCW. First, to nurture a sense of community and ensure that Forest Hills 1 was a desirable area to live in. The second objective was to create an avenue that encouraged community members to play an active roll in making their community a safer place. Since the formation of the FHCW, the area has seen a significant reduction in criminal activity. Unfortunately, surrounding areas have not been so lucky.

More and more community members started to get involved, and the project gained momentum. To the point where community members would go out on night patrols, so the rest of the residents could sleep in peace. The current FHCW model concentrates on crime prevention, rather than reaction, even though there is a reaction element involved. This assists in identifying suspicious behaviour before there is an actual threat to anyone’s life or property.

Blue Security was selected as the preferred security provider for the area and provided the dedicated vehicle, CPO and other hi-tech security infrastructure for the project. Blue Security and FHCW have both since enjoyed a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

How and where was the FHCW initiated?

Map outlining the FH1CW Blue Zone footprint of operations.

The FHCW has grown over the last few years and this project is evidence of the power of a united community and what can be achieved when people work towards a common goal. Community members have successfully turned the safety of their community into a lifestyle.

The FHCW footprint includes the base of Forest Drive up until Bridle Road. The Community Patrol Officer (CPO) patrols the demarcated area 24/7 as the vehicle is exclusive to the FHCW footprint. This dedicated vehicle ensures that members have much faster response times.

Currently, 235 members can see the safety benefits of having a dedicated vehicle and CPO patrolling their specified footprint and encourage the residents of the FHCW to join the project to increase their security.



What security benefits do FHCW Blue Zone members have access to by being a part of the project?

Forest Hills 1st Hill Community Watch1. A vehicle that never leaves the designated footprint ensuring faster response times.
2. A dedicated project management team to assist with your queries.
3. Eye-in-the-Sky cameras monitor surrounding areas and are highly visible to serve as a deterrent to potential criminals.
4. 2 Free Blue Mobile Panic Apps per subscribed household.
5. Direct cell phone communication with the project vehicle for rendezvous meet-and-assist services.
6. ANPR Vehicle recognition cameras surrounding the Crestholme, Forest Hills and Waterfall areas.

Wouldn’t you feel safer having these benefits? Think about the worry and angst that would be lifted off your shoulders knowing that there are eyes in the sky and feet on the street looking out for you.

There is no doubt that FHCW residents can see the endless value in being a part of the project and reap the rewards of the dedicated security resources in the area looking after Blue Zone members all day, every day.

For more information, go to the Forest Hills 1st Hill Community Watch website.

Who are the main points of contact for the FHCW project?

Project Champion
Brad Phillips – 082 990 6533

Project Manager
Brett Beket – 064 577 4158

Community Policing Officer
If you are a project member that would like to store the CPO’s direct contact number on your cellphone, please contact the FHCW project manager Brett Beket for the CPO’s contact details.

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