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January 2024 Durban Crime Stats

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Blue Security Blog, News Feed

As February unfolded in Durban, the shorter month did not fall short in presenting its array of security challenges. Blue Security’s analysis of 507 reported incidents offers a lens through which we can view and better understand the evolving dynamics of urban safety.

Key Statistics for January

Armed Robbery:

The month saw an uptick in armed robbery incidents to 28, making up 5.5% of the total. This increase underscores the critical need for heightened alertness and security measures.


With 102 incidents reported, burglaries accounted for 20% of the total, reminding us of the importance of securing our homes and businesses.

Common Theft:

Markedly high, common theft incidents reached 170, constituting 33.5% of February’s reports. This prevalent crime type highlights the ongoing necessity for community vigilance.


Trespassing cases numbered 94, representing 18.5% of the total, pointing to a significant concern for unauthorized access to properties.

Timing and Location Insights:

  • Daytime vs. Nighttime Incidents: A majority of incidents (58%) occurred during the day, with a peak of 31% of total incidents happening between 6 am and 12 pm.
  • Incident Rate by Day: The end of the week and mid-week—particularly Saturday, Friday, and Wednesday—were identified as the most common days for incidents, informing our strategic focus.
  • Operational Metrics:  The dedication of our response teams is reflected in the handling of 198,625 alarm signals and 173,805 CCTV alerts, covering a patrol distance of 596,984 km across Durban.


Note: The statistics and information mentioned in this article are based on incidents reported to Blue Security in February 2024. The numbers offer an overview of the prevailing trends and patterns.


Blue Security - January 2024 Durban Crime Stats - crimemap.bluesecurity.co .za

Empowering the Community with the Blue Security Crime Map:  The Blue Security Crime Map remains an essential resource, providing real-time crime data and analysis to empower residents with the knowledge to protect themselves and their properties.

Looking Forward:  Our commitment to the safety and security of the Durban community is unwavering. We encourage using the Blue Security Crime Map and active participation in community safety initiatives as we step into the rest of the year.

For an in-depth analysis of January’s security statistics and to explore the Blue Security Crime Map, visit our website at https://crimemap.bluesecurity.co.za




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