Electric Fencing Special Offer

Tighten your security on a tight budget. 

Electric fencing forms part of the first lines of defence for home and business security, and is proven to deter criminals. Prevent eager fence hoppers from gaining entry to your property by installing electric fencing around your perimeter.

The basics:

Electric fencing consists of a varying number of strands of electric wires, which carry high-voltage electric pulses. If the electric fence is touched, it delivers a non-lethal but extremely powerful shock to any would-be intruder.

Electric fences are regulated by municipal bylaws and we install ours in strict adherence to these regulations, to ensure they keep your family safe on your property and criminals out.

The benefits:

• Proven to successfully act as a psychological deterrent to burglars.
• Known to delay intruders from breaching a perimeter.
• Serves as an early warning system to ensure maximum security.

Four options available:

• 50m: Finance price R530pm or outright price R13 110
• 100m: Financed price R760pm or outright price R18 800
• 150m: Finance price R990pm or outright price R24 495
• 200m: Finance price R1220pm or outright price R30 185

Alternatively, it will cost R99/meter excluding an energiser but still including installation. Contact us for a customized quote to suit your specific security needs.

*6 Strands
*Includes Installation
*Includes Energiser
*Financed over 36 months
*2 Year Warranty
*T&C’s apply.

From R530 pm incl VAT
4 Pricing Options

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