What should you do: During a robbery.

robberyNo matter the amount of security you have on your property, criminals can always find a way to break into your house. Find out what you should do during a robbery to keep yourself calm during a robbery, how to respond to the home invaders and measures to take to ensure you do not aggravate the situation.

It is a terrifying thought to have, that no matter how safe we think we are there are still thieves and criminals out there that are looking to take our belongings or worse, cause physical harm to us.

So, robbers are in the house, they are yelling at you and making demands. You’re scared and you don’t know what to do.

Read over these 8 tips that you should know in the unfortunate event that your house gets robbed and even worse, if you are at home when it happens:

1. You need to stay calm. We become irrational when we are frightened and might make some decisions that we would end up regretting such as trying to fight back and adding heat to the situation. Make sure to take long deep breaths and stay positive. Saying to yourself in your head that everything will be okay and that you are brave enough to make it through the situation will help with keeping your head in the right place.

2. Tense different muscles around your body for a few seconds and then release. This exercise will help with actively relaxing your muscles while the above step will relax your mind.

3. You need to keep in mind that staying calm is keeping you safe. Your house has been broken into for the main purpose of having your belongings looted and money stolen. If you just let them take what they want, the sooner the robbers will be gone and you will be safe.

4. Cooperation is key. Do not pose yourself as a threat. Remain calm and cooperate with the robbers demands, no matter what the demand is. Only do what the robber asks, no more or no less.

5. Keep your responses short. Respond directly and clearly. If you are fumbling over your words and dragging out your replies, the invaders might think you are stalling while waiting for the police to arrive which in turn could add danger to the situation.

6. Don’t fight back. If you try to fight them off this is adding to the fire. Now, there is more chance of you getting hurt or killed when the main thing they want are your belongings. Your life is more important than anything they can steal from you.

7. Don’t look at the robbers for long periods of time. They aren’t stupid and they will know that you are trying to remember details about their clothing and characteristics. Instead, take quick glances as often as you can and because you are staying calm, it will be easier to remember the details.

8. Lock the doors when they leave. Just do it.

If you have been broken into and feel comfortable with sharing the steps you took to ensure your safety, please send them through. Also, if you have any questions regarding what to do during or after a robbery, kindly send an email to siren@bluesecurity.co.za

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