1 November 2019

Durban North resident narrowly escapes hijacker’s gunshots

Blue Security tactical ambassador for the Durban North area Darrel Moodley said a gang of armed suspects attempted to hijack a motorist at around 8pm, Wednesday night.

“A gang of four suspects arrived at the premises in a blue Toyota Etios and attempted to hijack the motorist. One of the suspects produced a firearm and fired a shot towards the motorist’s leg but fortunately the shot missed him. The suspects turned and fled the scene. No injuries were reported,” Moodley said. Durban North SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Moodley advised residents to be security conscious when arriving and leaving home and to ensure there were no suspicious individuals or vehicles near their properties. “Hijackers sometimes drop off gang members who approach motorists on foot outside their driveways, so it’s important to be alert not only to the presence of any unknown vehicles nearby but also to the presence of any suspicious individuals loitering near your property,” Moodley said.

“It’s also important to also make sure that you have not been followed, especially if you have visited the bank or an ATM on your way home. One way of checking whether you are being followed is to drive past your property and to take a drive around the block if you suspect that you are being followed. If you find that the vehicle is still behind you, rather drive to your nearest police station and contact your security company for assistance,” he said.

Moodley advised residents to also ensure that any overgrown bush around the property is regularly trimmed back to remove any potential hiding places for criminals. “It’s also important to ensure you home has adequate external lighting which also acts as a deterrent against crime,” he said.

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