11 September 2019

Stolen valuables recovered in Crestholme housebreaker manhunt

Strong teamwork by Blue Security’s tactical team and the police led to the swift recovery of goods stolen during a Crestholme housebreaker manhunt, yesterday afternoon.

Stolen valuables recovered in Crestholme housebreaker manhunt

Sbu Mchunu – Highway Tactical Officer

Blue Security’s tactical ambassador for the Highway area Russel Lawson said the officer had called for backup when he arrived at the premises and realised there had just been a housebreaking incident.

“Out tactical team which was busy doing crime prevention duties in the area and the SAPS Hillcrest Crime Prevention Task Team, swiftly responded to the scene of the crime. “Our team then received some crime intelligence information regarding the incident which indicated that the suspects were just a minute or two away from the crime scene. Our team and the police launched a search for the suspects who dumped the goods stolen during the housebreaking in some nearby bushes,” he said.

“The team recovered valuables including a flat screen television, a brush cutter, a gaming console and other goods in the bushes. Unfortunately the suspects manages to evade arrest but the team remains on alert in search of the gang,” he said.


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