Tried and Tested Sanitisation Solutions to Combat COVID19.

We don’t just defend, we also disinfect. One more way we’re helping you keep safe.

Smarter, safer, and now cleaner. New wars require new ‘weapons’ and we can arm you with the tools to safely disinfect and effectively sanitise your business, office, school, home or even your vehicle, as we combat COVID19. Tried and tested at our very own office – we are offering a range of powerful protection solutions to create a disinfectant layer and sterile environment at your premises.

Why has Blue moved into this space? As a company that endeavours to keep our clients safe, we recognise this new danger that extends beyond the common criminal. Which is why we have expanded our offering into the sphere of sanitisation – the next step in making sure that you and the people you care about are well protected from this new threat we all face.

A Multi-Layered Approach:

When securing yourself against any kind of threat, a layered approach is always most effective. Think of the sanitisation tunnel as your perimeter protection, your frontline defence against the threat. The thermometer acts as your alarm system, warning you of potentially harmful visitors. And the aerosol fogger is your armed response, taking out the bad guys.

Sanitisation Tunnel – Starting from R28 750

Knowing that the Coronavirus survives for hours on surfaces and other mediums, means that someone can be carrying the virus on their person, but may not necessarily be infected with it.

The convenient walk-through sanitisation tunnel is a structure  that can be erected at the entrance of your building and mists entrants with a specially formulated disinfectant – safe on the skin, eyes, nose and mouth. This disinfectant kills all germs that they could possibly be carrying on their clothes, bags, and any other items that they bring into the building.

Three sizing options available:
• Single Panel, suitable for small entrances with limited space
• Double Panel, suitable for larger entrances with regular foot traffic
• Triple Panel, suitable for larger entrances with high foot traffic

*T’s & C’s Apply.

Contact Free Thermometer – Starting from R1 150

We all know that one of the most prominent symptoms of the Coronavirus is a high temperature. Ensure that entrants who are about to enter the premises have an average temperature with this contact-free, infrared thermometer.

*T’s & C’s Apply.

Aerosol Fogger – Starting from R75

Viruses are submicroscopic, which means that they are invisible to the human eye. Essentially, this makes it rather difficult to ensure that they are eradicated from your home, office, or car – even with the most vigorous cleaning methods.

Aerosol foggers have proven to effectively disinfect large areas (One 500 ml canister will effectively disinfect 35 cubic meters of air space) without the intense scrubbing.

Three options available:
• 150ml Sanitiser Fogger
• 350ml Sanitiser Fogger
• 500 ml Sanitiser Fogger

Hands-Free Foot Pump Sanitiser Dispenser – Starting from R865

A sanitiser dispenser that can be operated by foot provides another effective way in which to ensure that visitors to your premises, office, shop, or classroom are keeping safe by minimising contact.

Any or all of the above solutions, including a full range of hygiene products such as masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitisers, etc. are available upon request.

For more information on each of these offers, call us on 031 717 5000, or email us at, or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.

*Door-to-door deliveries available only within our area of operation.
*Allow 3-5 working days for delivery.
*Delivery will only be scheduled upon payment confirmation.
*Prices subject to change.
*T’s & C’s apply to all offers.

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