Blue Security COVID Care Sanitisation Services

We don’t just defend, we also disinfect. One more way we’re helping you keep safe.

As a nation we have been mandated to flatten the curve of Coronavirus infection in our country. It’s our responsibility to ensure the continued safety of ourselves and those in our charge, such as our families, our businesses and employees, our schools and pupils, as regulations relax on each new lockdown level.

Blue Security is now equipped to safely disinfect and effectively sanitise your business, office, school, home or even your vehicle, as we combat COVID19.

At R4 per square meter, our team can sanitize both internal and external high touch areas and surfaces. Minimum charges apply.

To ensure compliance to the ongoing cause of prevention, the quality and frequency of cleaning your facility’s interior will require a new level of cleansing and care.

Depending on the size of the building and the number of visitors – daily, weekly or monthly sanitisation will be required in order to uphold the highest standard of hygiene. Kitted out with powerful cleaning equipment and effective disinfectant chemicals, our team can tackle those hard to reach places providing an additional level of sanitisation that supports a strict cleaning routine.

With your safety at the heart of our business, we have extended our trusted services to provide a full range of screening, prevention, and cleaning solutions to suit your specific needs. To enquire about our fogging, disinfecting, sanitising, and cleansing solutions, complete the below form and we’ll get in touch with, contact us on 031 717 5000 or email us at for all your Covid Care needs.

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