Comrades 2016 – It will humble you

The Comrades Marathon is this Sunday the 29th of May 2016, where 23 000 runners will attempt to finish the ultimate human race.

The 2016 Comrades campaign is based on the humbling aspect of the race with the slogan: ‘Izokuthoba – It Will Humble You’. On this day, runners forget about colour, status, background and age, literally carrying each other to the finish line. The word comrade is translated by the dictionary as a friend, especially one who you have been involved with in a difficult time or activity.

This event is marked in all Durbanite calendars whether for support, running or just the road closures! This year is a down-run, meaning runners will start at the City Hall in Pietermaritzburg and run to the Sahara-Kingsmead Cricket Stadium in Durban.

The emotional finish line is something that everyone remembers, where you can see the mind desperately wants to finish but the body simply can’t anymore. Yet, runners find it somewhere deep within themselves to get over that line, and inspire all of us sitting on the couch. Runners show us that the mind is stronger than the body, and that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

To all the runners braving the Comrades 2016, we salute you. Thank you for showing us that we can do anything, if we just put our minds to it. We wish you all the best in the ultimate human race.

Fun facts about the Comrades:

•    Motivation to keep coming back: Entrants who have completed 25 Comrades Marathons run for free.
•    Motivation to finish in record time: A figurine of Hermes weighing 100 ounces of gold is on offer to the athlete who manages to better the record.
•    Motivation to beat your pedometer record: It will take the average runner 111 250 strides to complete the race.
•    Motivation to shed some extra weight: Runners will lose between three and five kilograms during the race.
•    Outside of a disaster, war or conflict zone the medical tent facility at the finish venue of the Comrades Marathon is the biggest temporary medical facility in the world.

Watch this short motivational video. If this doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will!

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