Deployment of ANPR Cameras in the CFW footprint

Armed response officerAutomated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have revolutionised the monitoring and flagging of motor vehicles on South African roads, and we want to introduce these to the CFW (Crestholme, Forest Hills, Waterfall) area for increased security in the footprint.

In partnership with Snipr and Blue Security, the deployment of ANPR cameras enables communities to now know when vehicles listed as stolen or used in committing a crime enters the area.

We have identified seven locations that are vehicle access points into Crestholme, Forest Hills and Waterfall, known as the CFW project.

In order to fund and deploy these ANPR cameras in these seven locations, we have proposed a set of milestones in order to achieve these goals. For every 30 new Blue clients, Blue will install one ANPR station. Seven stations are required to cover all vehicle access points into the CFW.


CFW Neighbourhood Watches

The following neighbourhood watches have endorsed this project and here is a list of contacts:

Forest Hills 1 Community Watch
Neil Bell: 083 652 6215
Brad Phillips: 082 990 6533

Forest Hills 2 Neighbourhood Watch
Meg Dunstan: 063 775 7846
Garrick Dunstan: 082 496 5444

Waterfall 1 and 2 Neighbourhood Watch
Marc Reed: 081 354 4276
Brett Beket: 064 577 4158
Bill Arendse: 082 375 2613
Mitch Dempers: 072 982 1971

Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch
Karen Buxton: 084 318 3697
Grant Pietersen: 083 427 6663

Crestholme Neighbourhood Watch (Crestwatch)
Richard Hipkin: 083 270 1441
Cuan Saunders: 082 512 8442

More About Special Projects

Blue’s Special Projects department exists to manage the 44 community projects throughout Durban. Special Projects are available to act as liaison on all community-related initiatives and are just a call away to assist all active members on any matters pertaining to the security of your home.

The Project Manager for the CFW area is Keith du Randt and he may be contacted on 072 345 1780 or emailed at

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