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Caution urged against brazen daylight robbers as summer approaches

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Blue Security Press Releases

Blue Security has warned residents to be vigilant as the summer months approach after brazen daylight robbers held up residents in two separate home invasions in Yellowwood Park and Forest Hills, Friday afternoon.

Caution urged against brazen daylight robbers as summer approaches

Driveway gate padlock cut.

Blue Security community and media liason officer Andreas Mathios said a gang of five armed robbers stormed into a home in Yellowwood Park where the door had been left open and held up a resident at around 12.25pm. The suspects had arrived at the scene in a silver grey Toyota Corolla. “The resident was at home sitting in the lounge when the gang entered the house through the front door which had been left open. The suspects had managed to cut the lock on the driveway gate to gain entry onto the premises,” Mathios said.
“The gang held up the resident at gunpoint and forced him to lie on the floor. They proceeded to ransack all the rooms in the house searching for valuables, before some gang members fled in the residents’ vehicle, taking a flat screen television, a laptop, a cellphone and a wallet containing cash and bank cards. No injuries were reported.” he said. Members of SAPS Montclair attended the scene of the crime to open a case.
In the second incident in Forest Hills, a gang of armed robbers slipped into a property through the open driveway gates, just moments after a visitor had entered the premises. “The visitor drove onto the premises and parked in front of the house, and while the gate was still open, three suspects managed to slip onto the property. The suspects ran towards the visitor, who had just stepped out of her car and held her up at gunpoint. One of the suspects pushed the woman onto the ground and robbed her of a bracelet,” he said.
“The gang then ran into the resident’s house and grabbed a cellphone which they found lying on a table, while the traumatised visitor remained outside screaming. Her screams alerted the neighbours who pressed their panic alarm and the gang turned and fled the scene. No injuries were reported,” Mathios said. Hillcrest SAPS attended the scene of the crime.
Mathios advised residents to be vigilant and to ensure their homes are adequately secured at all times. “As the summer months approach it’s tempting to leave doors open during the day but at the very least make sure that your security gates are kept locked. If you don’t already have an anti-gatecrashing kit on your driveway gates, it’s worth installing the added feature and linking it to your home alarm system for an early warning system should anyone tamper with the gate,” he said.

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