22 October 2018

The votes are in: Blue standing strong at the top for a decade

Blue Security has held its title as the undisputed leader in the security sector in the PMR Awards for the past decade. The Pinetown based company has clinched the Diamond Arrow award for its service excellence, as well as the award for being the company doing the most to fight crime in KwaZulu-Natal in 2018, for the 10th year in a row.

The votes are in: Blue standing strong at the top for a decadeBlue Security managing director Henk van Bemmelen said the company’s consistent success in the awards over the past decade reflected his team’s unflinching commitment, not only to serving customers with excellence, but also to its strong partnerships with communities across the greater Durban area. “We are humbled and extremely grateful that our clients have decided to elevate us into in the top spot in these prestigious awards by choosing to vote for us as their preferred security provider. We highly value the strong relationships we have been able to build with our clients and the level of trust that we have shared as their favourite security company over many years,” Van Bemmelen said.

The PMR Awards is the culmination of an independent research process that rates companies and institutions on their competitiveness, effectiveness, excellence, competence, resilience and leadership. The rating is based on the perceptions of independent respondents who nominate and rate firms for the awards, with a strong focus on evaluating customer service and satisfaction. The Diamond Arrow award, which recognises a firm as the undisputed leader in its field, is the highest accolade a firm can achieve.

Van Bemmelen said the firm’s success as an undisputed leader in the security sector and its positive results in the fight against crime, had been achieved through the highly skilled team’s commitment to the job and its partnerships with dedicated neighbourhood watch groups. The effective use of social media and high-tech security systems such as automated number plate recognition cameras and smart home security systems was also playing an increasing role in the fight against crime.

“We place a lot of emphasis on security and crime awareness education and getting as many people as possible in the community involved in protecting their neighbourhood, which can mean doing something as simple as reporting a crime concern on a local WhatsApp group. We have had countless cases where residents and neighbourhood watch members have as a result been able to tip us off to suspicious activity – and even to crimes in progress – that has enabled us to effect many arrests and recover stolen goods. We would also like to commend our neighbourhood watch groups for their strong commitment to the work they are doing to fight crime,” Van Bemmelen said.

Van Bemmelen said winning the award for the tenth year in a row was an achievement that the company’s entire team could be proud of, as it had only been possible through their hard work and dedication to caring customer service. “Our staff and management are dedicated professionals who work together as a strong team to ensure that our clients and their neighbourhoods become smarter and safer places in which to work and live. We are constantly working hard to stay in top form to protect our clients and their families while they are at home, and to guard their homes and businesses when they are away,” Van Bemmelen said.

“We are grateful to every one of our customers who have nominated us and rated us so highly to win this prestigious award once again,” he said.

Blue Security is a member of the SA Security Association and the South African Intruder Detection Services Association.

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