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Always feel safe.

Durban’s parks, playgrounds and promenades make it a pleasant place to live, work and play but whether we’re commuting to work or enjoying the great outdoors, our peaceful lifestyle is threatened
by criminals who cruise our suburbs seeking to pounce on their next vulnerable victim.

It’s a reality that can lead us to live in fear and seek solutions that make us feel safe again.

We at Blue Security have a vision to create a safer city, and have developed an innovative solution - the Blue Security Mobile App – which will give you peace of mind knowing that help is always just
a keystroke away, wherever you are.

Our Blue Security Mobile App, when installed on your smartphone, pinpoints your precise location - whether you are at the beach, out jogging, or hiking in a park - the moment you activate it in an emergency. Our state-of-the-art control centre receives the signal and makes contact with you to determine the type of emergency. We can then activate a range of emergency responses, from our own armed response officers in our operational areas, to ambulance services, the SAPS and roadside assistance services.

But our app is more than just a panic alert button. It also places control of your home or business security firmly in your hands through your mobile phone, as it will receive instant notifications of activity on your alarm system whether you may be at home, work or out playing.

Instructional Video

This short instructional video takes you through the registration process and a brief overview of the diverse feature set unique to our app.


How it works

  • Press the panic button on the app
  • An alarm signal with your GPS coordinates is transmitted to our 24 hour control centre, enabling us to pinpoint your exact location
  • Our control centre makes contact with you to determine the nature of your emergency
  • A range of emergency services are then activated, from our own armed response officers in our operational areas, to ambulance services, the SAPS and the Automobile Association
Blue Security mobile app screen

How to register for the
Blue Security Mobile App

    1. Download application from Google Play or Apple App Store
    2. Complete registration
    3. Blue Security will contact you and activate your account
    4. You will receive a notification that your account has been activated and all features are now available
Blue Security mobile app screen


Find out more about the Blue Security Mobile App

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When your home or business alarm system is activated a siren ringtone will sound on your cellphone and the panic alert icon will appear on the screen, alerting you to the fact that there has been a security breach on your property.

Father and baby

Much more than a mobile panic app.
Your panic alert for home and away.

Zone Description

Alerts sent from your alaram system to the app show exactly which zones on your property have been breached.

Whether it was a single activation, for example an outdoor beam, or a multiple activation indicating the presence of an intruder.

Blue Security mobile app screen
Blue Security mobile app screen

Request or cancel

If your home or business alarm has been activated, the app prompts you to request or cancel an instruction for an armed response vehicle to respond to the site.

If it was a false alarm you can go ahead and cancel, saving on time and valuable resources. If you are home and its false alarm, you can cancel without answering a telephone call that risks waking up the family, and there's no need to get out of bed to speak to an armed response officer at your gate.


General notifications indicating alarm tests, test failures and power failures are also streamed to the app in real time, keeping you up to date with your alarm systems activities.

Use this functionality to complete an audit of the historical data stored in your alarm systems control panel, including the number of activations, false alarms, tests and power failures.


Always feel safe



Easily log sales, service or account enquiries via the app. Send us a notification if you want to add additional features to your alarm system, request technical support for a repair, or query an item on your account, and one of our professional team members will be in touch to assist.